“This course is superb to say the least. IMO it is the best structured course I have seen. No BS, no fluff. It does not matter your current level in trading or the asset class you trade or the type of trader you are, this course is for you. And with the price, it is a no Brainer.”

Henry - Student Review

“I know what it feels like learning from fraud after fraud, it sucks and it’s super frustrating. This course is the one though, no bs it is superb! Honestly the most legit and honest trader/mentor I’ve met.”

JR - Student Review

“As for the mentorship, it’s a very detailed version of the course.
I can tell for sure that you have impacted my trading journey in a very positive way Kyle! Thank you man.
For those who just started their journey in trading, it’s a no brainer to take Kyle’s course first then the mentorship. For those who are experienced and have your own trading plan, you’ll get some nuggets to add to your arsenals! Guaranteed!”

Student Review

Introducing the

Impact FX SnD / Raw Price Action Course

A course designed to help you break through and finally become a profitable trader! No BS indicators or EMA lines. Pure price action that you can trust.

IMPACT FX Offerings

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IMPACT FX comes with two offerings. The Mentorship and the SnD Course.

If you would like to combine them for the ultimate price action learning and support, the price of both combined is cheaper then 95% of all other price action communities around.


The mentorship takes things even deeper in terms of advanced price action. The mentorship is for those that want to be taken by the hand and guided along the journey of how to become a profitable trader, psychology talks, money mangement conversations, indepth price action conversations to help you navigate each and every day.


  • 1 Team Zoom call about price delivery (2-3 hour session) monthly
  • 2 Trade Recaps Weekly
  • 1 Group QnA Monthly(2 hour session)
  • (3) 5k funded accounts given to members based on performance, each month*
  • STEP by STEP models to help you navigate your daily trades.
  • Over 100 hours of insanely detailed price action content for the members!
  • 40+ trade recaps teaching you how to enter on the lower timeframes!
  • Community chat with like minded traders 24/7
  • Live community trading floor to share screens and chat price action any time you want.
  • Trade Daily NY Session POI's directly from IMPACT FX
  • 25k funded account giveaways each month!*
  • 🔥
    NEW Custom Trading Journal Software Free
  • 🔥
    NEW Daily Report Card Software to track your progress
  • The course is NOT included in the mentorship
* A member must show profitability and have there stats ready to show in order to receieve the free funded accounts
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This course is a deep dive into price action that I promise you have NEVER seen before. The information you will learn will help you to feel comfortable trading any asset, forex, indices, stocks, you name it. This course is guaranteed to help you see the markets clearer then ever before and apply price action reading so that you know the WHY of a trade and not just hope. Read the reviews below from members that have already started in this journey below!


  • 60+ modules of lectures
  • Custom Tailored Lessons that I promise will teach you something you did not know to change your trading!
  • Bonus Mentorship material
  • Community chat with other students
  • Custom notes feature so you can bookmark any section of each lecture to always remember whats important to you
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“Impact FX Supply and Demand Course” is a comprehensive raw price action course designed from the ground up, to fundamentally change the way you see the markets.

I was just like alot of you. I struggled to understand how to properly see what price action was doing when I first started traded. That's because alot of what is taught is all surface level knowledge and doesn't dive into the root cause for how and why the markets move the way they move.

I set myself on a journey to figure this out. I spent countless hours, day and night reading candle sticks. Looking how price reacted to each candle as it moved. And what came out in the end is a mass amount of knowledge that I want to share with you that will completely dispel your fears of the market.

In the “Impact FX Supply and Demand Course”, You will be guided through over 60 modules of price action training, getting you prepared for how to be the best trader you can be. Being able to clearly see what the markets are doing every day.

  • 60+ modules on all the nuances of the markets
  • High quality 1080p content
  • In-depth examples and live charts
  • Trade recaps to show you how you can enter and exit your trades
  • And a whole lot more!

If you study hard and apply what you learn, by the end of this course I believe you truely will be on your way to profitablity in your trading career.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Get a good look at everything that is covered in this course.

“Impact FX Supply and Demand Course” is comprised of 60+ tightly edited, high quality videos to teach you everything you need to know trading the forex market.

  1. Getting started

  2. Market Structure

  3. Identifying POI's

  4. Entry Confirmation

  5. Putting it all together

  6. How to Backtest

  7. Mind Games

Discord Testimonials

What are some of our students are saying.

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Join the free discord and chat with like minded impact fx youtube subscribers.